Solitudo Transylvaniae - Conference and Exhibition on Miklós Bethlen in Cluj

Solitudo Transylvaniae. Miklós Bethlen  and his Age

Cluj/Kolozsvár/Klausenburg, 15th April 2016: International Conference and Exhibition Opening

The second event of the Milkós Bethlen Memorial Year took place in Cluj on 15th of April 2016 with the coorganisation of the Lucian Braga University Library. The full-day conference, devoted to the memory of Miklós Bethlen and his contemporaries, provided the scholarship with numerous new findings. The talks were delivered in Hungarian and Romanian with simultaneous interpreting. József Jankovics and Zsombor Tóth from our institute both gave talks and chaired sessions. The talks of the conference will most probably be published in English as a publication of Philobiblion, the English-langiage Journal of the hosting university.

Between the second and third sessions was the exhibition connected to the conference opened in the Special Collection of the University Library. In addition to several autograph and copied versions of Bethlen's works several prints of his readings were presented on display coupled with works that had significant influence on him and his writings.

The bilingual Romanian-Hungarian illustrated catalogue of the exhibition can be downloaded from here.