Klaniczay Tibor Award

It was founded by the Renaissance Section and the International Society on Hungarology (Nemzetközi Magyarságtudományi Társaság) in memory of Tibor Klaniczay (1923–1992), former director of the Institute, to award outstanding results achieved in researching Renaissance and Baroque literature. 

Faludi Ferenc Creative Award

The award was founded by the Institute for Literary Studies of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences and the Ferenc Faludi Academy (Faludi Ferenc Akadémia) in 2004 at the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Faludi’s birth. The aim of the award is to recognize the outstanding results of the research related to 18th-century literature.

Members of the board of trustees are István Bitskey, academian; László Szörényi, director of the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Ferenc Szabó, professor at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University; and Gábor Tüskés, head of the 18th-Century Section of the Insitute for Literary Studies.

The award includes a certificate, a Faludi-medal and a certain amount of money.

The board of trustees awards one person every year.

Martinkó András Award

With this award, the Institute for Literary Studies remembers András Martinkó (1912-1989) whose researching personality, scientific ethics and complete oeuvre was exemplary but who was rather ignored in his life. According to the decision of the 19th-Century Section announced in June 1996, the award, which is named after their elderly colleague and master and assigned once a year, can be an appropriate acknowledgement to those who deal with the literary history of this period.   

The assignment of the Martinkó Award does not mean the appreciation of an oeuvre or a book, but it acknowledges the best study of the previous year in the field of 19th-century literature. The board of trustees consists of the 19th-Century Section of the Institute for Literary Studies and the formerly awarded people: in each January, they choose the most excellent study from the material published in the previous year. The author of the chosen writing receives the medal on the Saturday that precedes (or follows) the 1st of February, the day of András Martinkó’s death. 

The medal that pictures András Martinkó was made by the sculptor Zsolt Gulácsy-Horváth.

The chairman of the board of trustees is László Szörényi, the secretary is János Korompay H.

Tarnai Andor Award

The Tarnai Andor Award was founded jointly by the Insitute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the academian Andor Tarnai’s (1925–1994) family in 2006 in order to acknowledge the outstanding results of the research related to the history of literary science and criticism. The members of the board of trustees are Mrs Andor Tarnai, László Szörényi, Gábor Kecskeméti, János Korompay H. and Gábor Tüskés. In 2007, the annually distributed award was first assigned to Péter Dávidházi, university professor, doctor of literary studies, for his research on the history of 19th-century Hungarian literary studies and criticism, and especially on exploring Ferenc Toldy’s activity. The plaque was designed by the sculptor Elemér Soltra.