Online catalogue (including appr. half of the collection; the other half and the periodicals can be searched on the premises in a paper catalogue)

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday – 9 AM to 5 PM, Friday – 9 AM to 4 PM.

Opening hours in Summer 2016:

The Eötvös Library is a professional library with limited access to the public and with loaning possibilities to the colleagues of the Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the students of Eötvös Collegium; its reading room is open to all.

The basis of the library of the Institute is the library of the Eötvös Collegium established in 1895. The historical seed of the collection is Baron József Eötvös’s library, which we have been preserving it as a separate collection since the foundation.

When the Eötvös Collegium was closed in 1950, the library became the property of the HungarianAcademy of Sciences, then in 1956 it became the professional library of the Institute for Literary Studies. Heads of the library were Sándor Szőke (1956–1963), Kálmán Bor (1963–1973), Sztoján Vujicsics D. (1973–1975), Béla Stoll (1975–1977), Miklós Németh (1977–1986) and Katalin Németh S. (1986–2007). Its acting manager at present is Eszter Zarnóczkiné Héjjas.

The scope of collection of the library includes all the branches of literary studies (with a special emphasis on contemporary Hungarian literature, comparative literary history, literary theory and Renaissance research). As a consequence of its function, that is being a professional library of social science, and depending on the possibilities, it collects the most important current Hungarian and international literature of human sciences. The international exchange traffic plays a significant role in the purchase of foreign publications. As a result of the systematic development, at the moment 80% of the approximately 200,000 volumes are available on shelf in a thematical order. Besides preserving the volumes of the already non-existing journals, we provide our readers with the new numbers of 102 periodicals. As part of the academic network, we have online access to the databases of EISz (Electronic Information Services – academic collection of periodicals, JSTORE).